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1 Fence 2 Safety Equipment3 Frame Type Scaffolding 4 Elevator |5 Pipe Scaffolding6 Suspension Type Scaffolding 7 Steel Scaffolding 8 Aluminum・Internal Scaffolding9 Formwork / Public Works 10 Shoring / Shoring Beam11 Temporary House, Toilet and Equipment 12 Construction Works ▲ Top Page


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1 Fence

Refer to the Catalog Garba Fence/ Environment Fence/ Floor Gate and Floor Gate Door/ Panel Gate

2 Safety Equipment

Refer to the Catalog Equipment List Traffic Cone/Cone bed/Cone Bar/ Best Fence/Pipe Barricade/ Side Ditch Lid Security Goods Barricade Door/Security System ▲ Top Page

3 Frame Type Scaffolding

Refer to the Catalog Components Frame、Adjustable Frame、H-type Frame、Variable Frame、Frame with Ladder、Connecting Pin、 Catwalk/Walking-Board、Corner Walking-board、Hatch-type Catwalk、Braces、 Staircase、Safety Gard、、handrail、Handrail Pole、End Stopper、Outrigger、Jack Base、Jack、Joist、U-head for Sleeper、 Wall Tie、Veranda Step、Bracket、Protector Frame、Beam Frame、Stepladder Rolling Tower、 H-type Steel Bracket、 Baseboard、 Preceding Handrail、 Safety Apparatus、 SK Safety Apparatus、 Hanging Stage、 Fireproof Sheet・Sound Proof Sheet、 Sound Proof Panel、 Assembling Frame Type Scaffolds、 Example of Special use、 Cautions during Scaffolding

4 Elevator

Refer to the Catalog Construction Elevator( Mitsui) Lift Climber ▲ Top Page

5 Pipe Scaffolding

Refer to the Catalog Pipe/Clamp/Catwalk Pipe、Clamp、Pipe Step、Pipe Joint、Base Plate、Swivel Jacky、Chain、Chain Clamp、Multi Pallet、Cedar Wooden-board 、Steel Plate、Aluminum Walking-board Safety SK Panel Single pipe-related examples and standard specification Structure / Characteristics / Strength Caution when using and loading

6 Suspension Type Scaffolding

Refer to the Catalog Quikdeck Safety Sk Pannel


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7 Steel Scaffolding

Refer to the Catalog Lifeline Pole/Life line/Safety harness Rusel Net/Green Net、 Stanchion、 Safety Block、 Lock Man

8 Aluminum・Internal Scaffolding (Indoor Scaffolding)

Refer to the Catalog Pegasus(Aluminum workspace)、 Aluminum Ladder、 Easy Climber(Metal Fitting for ladder)、 Aluminum Stepladder、 Com’s Step、 Tessuru(Metal staircase with handrail)、 Trap Board、 Stair Board、 Stair Scaffolding、 Toppics、 Shift Stage、 Multi-stage、 Metal hook(Metal hook for lifeline)、 Elevator Beam、 Double sided No. 2 Universal unit swivel step、 Clean Climber(Aluminum swivel ladder)、 Light Bridge( Aluminum safe passage)、 Light Bridge Fitting、 Light・Bridge(Temporary Passage)、 Polyethylene floor plate、 1 Ton Push Cart、 Others、Repairing Metal Plate、Equipment・ Washing Sheet


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9 Formwork /Public Work

Refer to the Catalog Equipment Rectangular lumber 60 、Rectangular lumber 100、Home tie、Washer、OK-mat、Mesh Road 、Bracket for slope、 Alu-walk 2. Trench System Trench System Allied up Form 3-1 Metal Form related 3-2 Based related 3-3 Slide up Form equipments Metal Form Corner Angle、L-pin、U Clip、Turn Buckle、Metal Plate

10 Shoring /Shoring Beam

Refer to the Catalog OK-Support  1-1 OK-Support and Features  1-2 Equipment List  1-3 Construction Examples  1-4 Uses and Method  1-5 Assembling Process  1-6 Checking Method  1-7 Assembling Instruction Pipe Support  2-1 Methods of Wall-tie/Assembling and cautions  2-2 Shoring(Calculation method of Pipe-shoring Shoring) Strong Support  3-1 Features/Structure and Specification  3-2 Strong Support Strength and Method to Install Wall Tie’S Square Pipe Shoring  4-1 Equipment List  4-2 Examples of Square Pipe Shoring  4-3 Pressure Test (Vertical Pressure)  4-4 Assembling Techniques Hory Beam AX  5-1 Features and Equipment list  5-2 Construction Example  5-3 Uses and Allowable Bending Moment Hory Beam Adjustable Beam Peco Beam (AX Beam)  7-1 Features・Types  7-2 Assembling Techniques  7-3 Things to be aware when using ▲ Top Page

11 House/Toilet/Equipment

Refer to the Catalog Temporary House Temporary Toilet Equipment OA Device

12 Sansin Sangyo’s Scaffolding Works

Refer to the Catalog Sansin Sangyo’s Scaffolding Works Type of Temporary Construction
Construction-related Laws and Regulations and Other Important Subject Matters

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